What I can help you with

There are many reasons why you might be seeking help and support. It could be one thing or many. The most common reason is that you feel that you are not coping or are not in control.

We are all emotional beings and sometimes our emotions are overwhelming.

When this happens we try to compensate with unhelpful behaviours like avoidance, alcohol misuse, hiding ourselves away. Behaviours can be unhelpful insofar as they usually maintain that feeling of being overwhelmed. When this is occurring, the way we perceive and view difficult situations supports the unhelpful cycle we get into.

I will help you to understand the cycles you get into and support you to change these to a more helpful way of being thereby experiencing less distress.

Whatever your problem, we can work together to reduce unhelpful thinking and unhelpful behaviours to build a more resilient way of being and a greater sense of wellbeing.